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How it

Your step by step guide to buying delicious, sustainable produce.

Step 1 - Buy your re-usable glass bottle

We sell 1 Litre and 500ml glass bottles that are re-usable and save on single use plastic from the supermarkets. Purchase your bottle before you buy and make sure it's washed well before re-using again and again!

Step 2 - Choose your flavour

1 litre & 500ml milk and milkshakes are sold through the vending machine. Strawberry, Chocolate, Banans and Black Cherry milkshake flavours are on offer every day, with 2 special milkshake flavours changing weekly. There are over 50 weekly specials that range from mint chocolate to candy floss flavour, so keep an eye on our Menu for the latest unique flavours!

Step 3 - Pay using contactless

Our two wooden huts are located in the farm yard, holding the milk, milkshake, caffia coffee and local food produce vending machines. All of the machines are contactless, so you can serve yourself whenever it suits you!

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